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    Wow! These Betsy McCall paper dolls are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing the link. I am going to print some up this weekend. Also, I am LOVING your halloween pixel fabric! I am already itching to listen to your Halloween music mix and September isn’t even over yet. Thank you so much for generously sharing your Halloween music!

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    Oh Alyx…I started that way, because I really don't know where I wanna go with this comment. Hmmmm, let's start with burritos. Ammon will eat any food so long as it is in burrito or taco form. We're taco/burrito people. It's better than sliced bread, which we rarely eat.You wanna know what else is great? The freaked out look on your neighbor's face. Classic.Lastly… what isn't great is being sore because we are too competitive to go at our own pace instead of the instructor's pace. Silly instructors, being all fit and stuff.

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    Well, it’s very true that they are set to release their English debut album next year because I knew that the girls were going to make their American debut this year but their US recording label, Interscope, had to give the girls the rest of this year to focus on their Asian activities. So, the girls’ American debut is absolutely set for next year. We will be looking forward to it

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    Vu que je commence à 6h le matin quand je suis au travail, je dois t’avouer que je ne me maquille pas, mais cela ne me dérange pas tant que cela, j’arrive également à m’assumer, même si en ce moment, mon visage est suprêmement fatigué !

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    Wie unten schon erwähnt: ein iOS-Emulator à la BlueStacks oder Rosetta ist deutlich leichter umzusetzen als ein x86-Emulator auf ARM…Trotzdem halte ich es für möglich, dass mittelfristig ein iOS-Gerät mit HW-Tastatur auf den Markt kommt. Ich werf jetzt einfach mal den Namen iBook in den Raum…

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    Un saludo Kike,Punset recordaba las palabras de Einstein sobre la comparación de la crisis como el día que viene después de la noche. A ver si la noche era es época expansiva y el día va a ser esta crisis. ¿Os imagináis? Esto tiene sentido, estoy seguro… es cuestión de tiempo que todos se den cuenta. Yo lo creo así y, por primera vez, empiezo a pensar que ojalá no me equivoque…Vota el comentario: 0  0

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    Androlis31/10/2012J’aimerais aussi sensibiliser l’opinion public sur le fait que ces paris truqués ne s’arrêtent malheureusement pas au handball ou au football, en effet, les JEUX VIDÉOS sont aussi touchés. Alors que je me suis procuré le jeu FIFA 2013, j’ai remarqué que lorsque je prends une équipe, celle ci fait exprès de perdre. Et sur des scores impressionnants en plus! Cependant, ce sujet est encore tabou et en le dénonçant, je suis conscient que je risque beaucoup…

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    1bdLucian,The main thing is that we worship in our mother tongue, for most Americans, that would be English. If you are a recent immigrant, like from Russia, of course you would prefer the Liturgy to be in Slavonic. The priest of the local Russian Orthodox Church is keenly aware of this and goes out of his way to accommodate this need when he serves the Liturgy. RobertRobert

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    Gott að vita. Ég man bara eftir að hafa heyrt það kallað Bergshús (eða kannski -bæ) af Torfusamtökunum einhverntímann. Hélt það hefði notið einhverrar verndar sem eitt af elstu steinhúsunum.

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    dit :Je constate qu’il y a une véritable mode des graffitis. J’ai croisé des collégiens l’autre jour, ils en avaient même sur le visage !Ma fille suivra-t-elle la mode l’année prochaine, quand elle sera en 6è ? Suspense, suspense. Ma fille a refusé de se laisser tagguer le visage car elle avait son dernier cours de danse classique après, ça faisait un peu too much, même pour elle ! elle a quand même écopé d’un peu de fluo bleu sur la joue, mais rien comparé à certains de ses copains de classe !

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    Hey ya back C.L. :-)I tried listening to my Thai lessons the first night and it did not work. I was too deep into 'that' time. But during the second night I was able to sleep (but I had help).I also mixed my Thai language lessons with a sleep audio I got off the internet. The combo is very relaxing, so when I'm sleeping normally, it should be ok.

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    “Friends of the Israel Destruction Forces”… in LA!Aren’t we lucky we are in the US?In most countries, collecting funds for a foreign military organization would be punishable by very stiff prison terms.In fact, it is so already in the US too, where material support to terrorist organizations is supposed to be severely punished.Where is our lobbying?

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    محمود می‌گه:نيازي به اين دلائل نيست اسرائيل همان فلسطين اشغالي است . يعني اسرائيل فلسطين را اشغال كرده است.بنابر اين جنگ تا زمان آزاد سازي فلسطين بايد ادامه پيدا كند.—————————————————————————-بامدادی: این نظر شما طرفداران زیادی دارد و حتی شاید درست هم باشد، اما فکر می‌کنم راه حل دو کشوری با واقعیت بیشتر سازگاری دارد.

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    I seriously hope his plan is not to run and win the October elections, spending the rest of his days in Cuba, having the VP as the defacto President. This could work as the “ausencia Presidencial” is so loosely defined in the constitution. If he is able to survive the first 3 years of his new period they won’t even have to call elections if he dies.

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    Guess I’ll update unofficial no-powerups leader list. If anyone else is competing without powerups, please let me know and I’ll add your name to the lists. Is anyone else in the top 10 not using powerups? It still appears to me that most people are using powerups. At the moment the non-powerup competition seems to be: 1 2614940 Bigreddawgs 2 2597800 Sal 3 2567460 Yoruichi 4 2545210 mvnla2 (me) 5 2094210 Laurence (only 25 scores entered) Kartflyer (but no scores entered)

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    Gulp! No pressure. Seriously I really did enjoy it, it’s more like hanging with a friend than some ‘expert’ telling me I need to have xy and z in my closet. Her life story is pretty cool too. Now with your amazing comment and my review…we need to get on her radar!

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    Why did we choose IncrediWorld VBS this year?VBS isn’t just an outreach ministry for us… it’s a time when all our church kids are so excited about learning more about the Lord. It’s important to me that we are equipping and resourcing these young believers for defending their faith in the real world. Believing in a biblical account of creation is essential for having life-long trust in God’s Word. That makes Incrediworld the perfect choice this year!

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    E quanto fastidio leggere “Schettino”.Perché questa persona non è in carcere? Eppure la situazione è semplice:- ha contravvenuto a una regola, passando troppo vicino alla costa -> non segue oridni/disposizioni- ha fatto una cappella roccosiffredica, portandosi via uno scoglio -> è un coglione- ha reagito tardivamente causando ritardi nei soccorsi -> è un emerito coglione… ma l’ha visto “Titanic”????- ha abbandonato la nave!!!!! -> è un codardo, un mezzo uomo, ma anche meno.===> dovrebbe essere in GALERA.E non in TV.Ma anche la franzoni è stata un sacco in TV… che Paese strano che siamo.

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    Qué dulce,Cecilia!!..,estas habitaciones son el sueño de cualquier mami para su pequeñín o pequeñina.Todo en ellas irradia ternura , sus lacitos ,sus volantitos , esos murales en la pared ,los tonos suaves de toda la decoración …parecen de cuento de hadas!!Enhorabuena ,una vez más ,por ese gusto especial con el que vas eligiendo las imágenes, son realmente preciosas.Un besazo enorme y buen miércoles.

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    I am an opera singer and my second love and passion is fashion. I am making my own dresses since my early teens. Very often women are begging me to buy my dresses directly from my body. I love very much Alex Perry, and it would be my dream to own Alex Perry’s blue-white Sydney-Opera-House-Barbie-Dress.I am longing to wear it to my next Concert.If I would win the contest I could ask Alex Perry about this dress.Oh, it would be my dream!Barbara Idzkowska-Curtin

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    Karen, not sure they have wireless but there's a table in a sunny bay window where you can set up your laptop and do some people watching. There's also a long counter with bar stools. Penny… felt a bit guilty making it a photo blog but I suppose there's a place for book events on ABBA as well as writing 'pieces'???

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    Thank you, Joonni. You make life much, much more pleasant. I shall look forward to Part 3. Faith is like writer Song’s baby. I can imagine her frustration when it couldn’t tell the whole story like she intended. I sincerely hope her novel will be translated so that those who are Korean illiterate can enjoy. Here’s to the story teller, Writer Song and to Joonni for a wonderful blog!

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    One of David’s continuing complaints about contractors operating in the Iraq war gets an airing over at Truthout.org. They interview Dina Rasor about her book “Betraying Our Troops: The Destructive Results of Privatizing War”.Also mentioned is Keytam(not sure on spelling) where if an individual in a company has evidence of fraud in a govt contract they can file on behalf of the govt and if the action is successful will get a percentage of the win against the company. I don’t know how long this has been in so don’t know if David can add it to his prediction wins list or not.

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    Probably just like the first linux versionwhich was SD only. So my guess is Smoke HD for OSX with limited featureMaybe they are testing Lustre, too. Definitely good news for Mac users.

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